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Enjoy the best Mexico City tacos
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The Tour

A delicious food tour in Mexico City that uncovers the best places of tacos in the city.

Enjoy Mexico City while your expert culinary guides take you for a walk through the best local taquerias to taste the foods that we love and eat every day (Vitamin “T”)

You will connect with Mexico City through its dishes and at the end of the route you will understand why food is one of the passions of Mexicans.

You will connect with Mexico City through its dishes and at the end of the route you will understand why food is one of the passions of Mexicans.

Connect with the Chilangos of Mexico City through their dishes. At the end of the tour you will understand why food is one of the passions of Mexicans and why street food is just as good as the food of an elegant restaurant

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This will be the only taco tour where you can enjoy from street food to famous chains of taco that locals love and enjoy.

Remember that you will also enjoy other elements of vitaminT

  • Tamales
  • Tortas
  • Tlacoyos

Important details

Riders must be at least 16 years of age

Renters must be al least 18 years of age with a credit card and foto ID.

Riders 16 -17 years old must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

We provide water, snaks, helmet and vest

and 2 tacos taste.

Taxes are included and prices can change without notice.


Do I need a reservation for the tour?
Yes, it is necessary to book before the tour starts. You can do it our website
Is it necessary to pay for the tour in advance?
Yes, we will send you a link to make your payment and guarantee your place in the tour or you can make the payment directly in our booking button. If you have any doubts, contact us at the following email
What does the price include?
The price includes a helmet, reflective vest, bottle of water, snack, local guide, security personnel and 2 Tacos tasting
How can I contact "Electric bike Tours"?
You can call us by phone or via WhatsApp at +52 1 55 1928 3195, you can also send us an email to, you can also visit our contact form
Where the tour start?
the meeting point is at Av. Presidente Masaryk 531 Col. Polanco Mexico City 9:30 am
Is the tour safe?
Yes, the tour on E-bike is absolutely safe. 85% of the trip is made in bikeways of the city. In addition, each group is accompanied not only by the guide, but also by security personnel who will be there to help you at any time that is necessary.
Is the tour easy for anyone?
Yes, our tour has E-bikes with a comfortable and safe design, accessible for people over 16 years old. Anyone even with low physical condition can enjoy the ride without getting tired as our E-bike gives you the option to pedal or not. Do not worry after the tour you can go dancing “salsa” all night.
How long is the tour?
The tour lasts from 4 hours. Enough time to travel 32km of the city and discover the best places in E-bike, in any other means of transport would probably take you 2 or 3 days to travel our route.
Can we stop to take pictures?
Yes, we stop many times in the most important points of the City.
Do we stop to eat?
It is recommended that you have breakfast before starting the tour, the cost of the service includes to tacos taste and energy bar.
What can I expect from the ride?
The City of Mexico is undoubtedly multifaceted. Our route is specially designed to discover the contrasts and identity of our beloved city. We will not only visit the main attractions, but also the hidden places to discover a side of the city that tourists usually do not see.
It's suspended in case of rain?
Tours are not canceled due to rain. That’s why even if it rains, we recommend you get to our meeting point since the most likely is that the tour will take place. Only in case of extreme weather conditions will we cancel the tour (always at our meeting point and never before the departure time). If that happens, you can choose to recover 100% of your money or re-agree on the date of the trip. If you have any questions and prefer to call us, you can do so at our telephone + 52 1 55 1928 3195, depart from 9am
In what language are the tours made?
Our tour is in English and Spanish
Is there any age restriction to do the tour?
It is only necessary to be over 16 years old and be accompanied by a responsible adult.
How can I pay for the tour?
You can pay directly in our website or contact us to indicate the payment methods that we have at

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